The Team behind Polysports are technocrats and entrepreneurs who have built and scaled products like Prediction guru (sports prediction app) with 400k users.

Meet the Core Members

Sushant Tewary - Founder, CEO
The Leader- An avid coder, technologist and entrepreneur with deep interest in AI-ML, Blockchain and sports. Founded and scaled social network like Wirepitch. Sushant has been in crypto space as an investor since 2017 and have witnessed it all. He helped in ideating and leading the execution of the entire concept for PolySports Ecosystem.

Abhijeet Verma - Co-founder, CTO

The Techie - 10+ years experience in creating robust and scalable applications, Technology Enthusiast, Blockchain, Full Stack Dev, DevOps, An Entrepreneur helping in scaling and providing best solution to Polysports Platform.

Sanjay Sharma - Co-founder, COO

The Maestro- An entrepreneur with experience in building and scaling sports applications from the scratch. With the expertise in Mobile and Web development he has brought the best practices to the PolySports Fantasy Application.

Manisha Tiwari, Program Manager

The Manager - 14+ years of extensive experience in managing multifaceted projects, expertise in project and business operation management.
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Meet the Core Members