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Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

Fantasy sports is a Game of skill where you draft virtual teams consisting of players from professional sports leagues for an upcoming match and compete with other fans for big prizes.
To track these drafts' performance, a point system is used to determine scores for the different legs of the competition.
Polysports is building Daily Fantasy sports (DFS), a fast paced variant that is played over a single match, day or week. Unlike A traditional Fantasy sports that is played over the complete season.
Each team that is added to the fantasy game is scored according to the real-life performance of the players in the match. Leaderboard is generated as per the aggregate points scored by all the players in the fantasy team. The top participants on the leaderboard after adding up scores in each contest are declared to be the winner.
Current focus to be on Cricket & Football and other sports will be launched on Polysports in Q4.
Learn How to Play DFS : CLICK HERE
DFS Cricket Point System : CLICK HERE
DFS Football Point System : CLICK HERE
Point System for other sports will be available as per the launch plan.