$ PS1 Token & Utility
The $PS1 ERC-20 is a native and a unified token to be used for different games that are part of POLYSPORTS Ecosystem.
PS1 would be used across the Polysports ecosystem to pay contests fee , buy assets, join casual and RPG games, redeem game rewards, fiat swap redemption etc.
Users would be earning rewards based on engagements within the platform based on higher gameplays and engagement in various social media channels leads to better deals and rewards. Additionally, users can stake, lock and spend $PS1 tokens with specific game environments to earn reward points which can be used further in various activities within the platform.
Referral Mining
Polysports users get to earn $PS1 by referring friends and family. Polysports provides win-win situation for both referrers as well new joiners.
Strong Referral System : Earn additional monthly income from 7 levels of referrals as they play and earn by staying active and participating in contests.
Network Referral Projection
Unique Rewards System : such as Daily check-in rewards, spending bonus and other loss less protection related rewards will certainly keep our users glued to our platform
Sports Club, Advertising and Enterprises
Advertisers or sports clubs who target their fans would be buying $PS1 tokens from the open market and would be paying platform fees for the listing, services, or space used within the platform.
$PS1 tokens would be used by players, traders, or users to available freemium and premium services from the platform by staking and locking the tokens.
Users would be able to stake and farm $PS1 Tokens in response to in-app promotions and contests that would run from time to time to earn extra $PS1.
Additionally, users would get discounts in form of reduced or No Platform fees for the duration of staking.
Buybacks /Airdrop and burn
Quarterly a part of revenue would be used to buy back $PS1 tokens from the open market to airdrop in-app promotion and burn to drive a healthy Token circulation within the app and in the open market.
$PS1 would be airdropped to new users to cover free gameplay and transaction fees as part of the user acquisition strategy to attract new users and give a taste of the platform.
Through profit-share (Buy/Burn), staking and gamification to encourage holding we wish to deliver value to token holders.
Our core focus would be on user adoption and generating enough activity to fuel usage of $PS1 tokens, ensuring good circulation, scarcity, and demand of $PS1 tokens in turn increasing the value.
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