29% of the $PS1 total tokens will be available for sale for private and public rounds. 6% PS1 to the Value/advisors vested for 12/22 months with a 3/6 months cliff. 15% of the tokens will be rewarded to the team over time for their important role of value creation in the project as a whole, team tokens to be vested over the next 22 months with the cliff of 9 months. 12% as reserve and treasury to provide enough liquidity across CEX and DEX. 20% for game mining and reward directly. 17% for Ecosystem growth and would be used to develop and grow Polysports ecosystem including marketing and partners. 1% of tokens are allocated for initial investors/supporters and for bounty programs subject to vesting.
Token Distribution
Fund Utilisation
Total Supply: 1 Billion
TGE Marketcap: 177K USD (*Excluding CEX & DEx liquidity)
IDO Price - 0.036 USD