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Football Fantasy Points System

Fantasy Points system for football as below

*An Assist is the last touch (pass, cross, or any other touch) leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal.
*In addition to normal assists, Fantasy Assist is awarded for the following actions resulting in a goal:
1) Winning a penalty or a free-kick
2) Own goal of a cross/pass/shot
3) Deflected pass off an opposition player reaches its intentional target
4) When a shot is saved by the goalkeeper, blocked by a defender, or hits the post, and a goal is scored from the rebound
**Chance Created - The final pass leading to shot (on target including goals, blocked or off target)
Note: If a player gets points for a Fantasy Assist, they will not be awarded points for a Chance Created. For example, if a player's shot is saved by a goalkeeper and is scored on the rebound, the player will get points for a Shot on Target and Fantasy Assist, but won't earn points for Chance Created.
A Shot on Target is any goal attempt that:
a) Results in a goal
b) Would have been a goal but was saved by the goalkeeper or was stopped by an opposition player who is the last man
A Shot on Target is NOT awarded when:
a)The shot hits the goal post (unless the ball goes in and results in a goal)
b)The shot is blocked by another player, who is not the last man
If player 1 passes the ball to player 2, who then scores a goal, then player 2 is awarded a Goal and a Shot on Target, while player 1 is awarded an Assist and Chance Created.
A Clean Sheet is given for not conceding a goal while being on the field for 55 or more minutes
If a player gets substituted before a goal is conceded but has played more than 55 minutes, he will still get the Clean Sheet points.
Cards & Other Penalties
***Player is on the field when the goal is scored, except in the case of a red carded player
Other Points