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Prediction & Quizzes

What is prediction & quizzes?
Sports Predictions
Sports quizzes are interactive tasks in which players respond to questions about several facets of sports, such as players, teams, occasions, and statistics. Participants compete to show off their prowess in sports knowledge, with correct responses earning points.
Sports Quizzes
Sports forecasts are projections of future sporting events, such as the winning team, the ultimate score, or the best players. In order to make informed estimates, participants apply their knowledge and insights. The accuracy of their predictions determines how many points or prizes they receive.
Where is predictions & quizzes in the Polysports app?
You can find different predictions and quizzes related to sports in the “Predictions” tab at the bottom of the table
What games are covered in prediction & quizzes?
All the games which are hosted on the app are part of the predictions & quizzes. You can see them under the upcoming, live, and completed sections in the “Predictions” tab
What is the entry fee?
Based on your sports knowledge, you can predict which team will win a particular match using Game Coins. There is no limit to how many Game Coins you can use to predict the winner
Participating in the sports quizzes is absolutely Free!! You can choose the right answer based on your knowledge and win Free rewards in every game.
Can I change my prediction & answer once selected?
Yes, you can change your prediction and answer till the time game is not live. Once the game is live, you cannot change your answers.
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