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Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

What Sports are available on Polysports DFS?
Polysports DFS will initially feature Cricket and Football (Soccer). Other sports may be added at a later date.
Do I need PS1 to play?
Yes, you can use PS1 to play different games on Polysports. You can also use fiat currency (only INR) to deposit and play on Polysports.
How to play DFS on Polysports?
You can click on the below link to know detailed information on how to play on DFS
When does a Fantasy Game start on Polysports?
Any fantasy game on Polysports starts as soon as the deadline for the match ends. The deadline (denoted by the countdown ticker) is usually the start time of the match. In an exceptional scenario, if the deadline is extended beyond the start time of the match, we try our best to notify the users accordingly.
Can I choose all 11 players from one team?
In both cricket and football, you can select a maximum of 7 players from one team.
Why Captain & Vice-captain are important in a team?
A Captain & a Vice Captain of the team get extra points. The player chosen as the Captain gets 2x points whereas the Vice-captain of the team gets 1.5x points according to their on-field performance for the particular match.
What if my Captain and Vice Captain are not playing the match?
They will not receive any points for that match.
What if your team has non-playing players?
They will not receive any points for that match.
How many players are needed to create a team?
To create a team, the user requires 11 players in cricket wherein there must be at least 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder & 1 wicket-keeper.
Similarly, 11 players in football where there should be at least 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 1 striker & 1 goal-keeper while the other 3 players can be from any category in Fantasy Cricket and any category except goal-keeper in Fantasy Football.
Can I join a contest with multiple teams?
The number of entries allowed per user will be mentioned in each contest you see on the app.
Can I edit my team during a live game?
You can create & edit your team only before the match deadline i.e. the start time of the match in most cases. So keep checking the timer.
How to change my team name?
Your Team name is your identity and it can't be changed.
Can I edit my teams after creating it once?
You can make as many changes you want to your team, until that match starts, from changing players to changing Captain and Vice-captain.
Do I need to create a new team everytime I join a new Match or Contest?
You are required to create a new team for every match. But you can join multiple contests with a single team for the same match.
Do I get points for a substitute player if replaces any player on-field??
No, your team is not awarded any points for a substitute player in case he replaces any player on-field as the substitute is not considered as a part of playing XI in cricket & football.
Will I get points for Man of the Match?
There are no points awarded for Man of the Match.
What are the type of Contest available?
Polysports has 5 types of contests- - Practice Match- this is for new joiners to practice - Head To Head - One to one, such contests will have only two players - Hot Contest: Where 3-4 players can play together and each player can join with only 1 team - Micro, Mini & Mega Contest - Where the Prize pool differs by the number of participants
What happens if a Test match is declared as drawn?
If the real test match is declared as drawn with neither of the teams completing a single inning, the fantasy match will be canceled, and the entry fees will be refunded. If the real test match is declared drawn with either team (and not necessarily both) completing a single inning, the fantasy match will be considered to have been completed and the entry fees will not be refunded. Notes: An innings will be deemed to be completed if a batting team either declares or gets bowled out (i.e., loses ten wickets) in such innings.
What happens if an ODI/T20 match is abandoned?
If the real match is abandoned, the corresponding fantasy match will be canceled, and the entry fees will be refunded. This includes scenarios where the real match is abandoned without a single ball being bowled as well as those matches where the match is abandoned after it has started. Notes: If the real match has a result (i.e., ends in a win to either team or a tie but not a "no result") even if not played out fully, we will announce the results of the fantasy match as per the fantasy scorecard points accumulated
What happens when a match is completed as per the D/L or VJD method?
In the event any match is completed through D/L or VJD method, the match is considered as completed on Polysports and the points are awarded accordingly. In such cases, the ranks and points are awarded based on live scores, and no refund is made in such cases.
What if the contest doesn’t fill up with required number of participants?
In case of a paid contest, the contest will be canceled, and the entry fee will be refunded to your wallet.
What happens if the match gets pushed to a super over?
There are no points allocated for super over in case a T20 or ODI match ends in a tie. In case of a tie, the points & ranking will be allocated only till the last ball bowled of the actual match, not the Super Over. Super Over is not counted as part of the match in terms of fantasy cricket & fantasy cricket points.
How do Leaderboard Rankings work?
Leaderboard Rankings are based on the cumulative total of fantasy points accumulated by teams created for the matches during a series or the period for which the Leaderboard is active. However, this may change as Polysports wants to keep bringing new things for its users. Rules for each leaderboard will be defined clearly within the app.
What happ ens if there is a tie between two or more players ranks?
Whenever ranks have clashed, the prize money will be divided equally between the players. If there are 2 winners tied for the 2nd position, then the sum of 2nd and 3rd position prize money will be added and divided by 2 and distributed equally between 2 winners and the next highest scorer will be awarded 4th rank.
How are Polysports DFS points calculated?
Please refer to Fanasty Point System
How long before the commencement of the match, do I have to participate in a contest?
You can join a match as soon as the match is available on the Home screen and you have time till the game deadline.
What is the Prize structure?
We have a variety of contests to suit all types of users with different prize structures. Please click on the contest and check the details before joining.