Getting Started
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Get Free Game Coins

Polysports allows its users to earn Game Coins for free with just 1 daily click on the app. This is done using the Mining feature on the app.
What is Mining on Polysports?
Mining on Polysports is very easy. With just 1 click on the app daily, users can earn free Game Coins which is the currency used on the Polysports app to join Cricket and Football contests and play casual games.
Does Mining affect my mobile device?
Mining on Polysports does not affect your Mobile Device and you can use your phone as you do every day.
How do I get free game coins? /How do I start Mining?
Go to the Games Section > Click on Get Free Game Coin on the top > Initiate your earnings by clicking on the Get Free Coins button.
Repeat this process daily and watch your earnings grow.
How do I play for free?
You earn a 50 Game Coin Welcome Bonus when you sign up on Polysports. You can join your first contest using 100% of your bonus and win for free. Also with daily mining, you will have Game Coins added to your wallet which can be used to play on the app.
Where is do I see Mined Game Coins?
Mined Game Coins will be added in the “Amount Added” Section and can be used to join contests.
How do I increase my Mining rate?
You can increase your Mining Rate with referrals. When you have users who signup with your referral code on Polysports, it helps boost your Mining. We provide easy Mining targets to help boost your Mining Rate.