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Network Referral Program

Polysports brings you never-before-seen referral benefits. Now, with the right number of referrals, you can earn lifetime benefits. By adding Network Referral Program along with the referral bonus, we wish to change the game for everyone.
What is Network Referral Program?
Network Referral System is a program where you create a big chain of network of users who play fantasy sports on Polysports and help you earn a lifetime of benefits. We already have the standard referral bonus on our app, where for each registration that is done using your referral code, you will get 10 PS Game Coins. But with the new Network Referral System, each user that signs up and plays a paid contest on your app will earn you Game Coins every time they play.
How can I create a big Network of referrals?
So to make this easy for you we have created different levels of referrals. In this system, there will be up to 5 levels of referrals, and each level is connected to each other, thus forming a big network for you to earn benefits. This will include people who you have referred directly and who have signed up to play on Polysports using your referral code. Now the people referred by these people (your referees) will also be part of your Network and this chain keeps on growing till 5 levels.
Are there any conditions that I should be aware of?
Two main things are that your referrals should use your referral code to be part of your Network and these users should play paid contests daily on Polysports.
What is the difference between levels?
The users who sign up and play on Polysports by using your referral code will be your Level 1 referrals, which will earn you the highest percentage return. When the users that you referred (your referees) add more daily active users on Polysports with their respective referral codes, these new users become Level 1 referrals for your referees and Level 2 users for you. Similarly, the chain keeps growing as the referees keep adding more people, and a network up to Level 5 is formed. So your Level 1 earns you the highest percentage return and level 5 will earn you the lowest percentage return.
Will I also get referral Bonus?
Yes, Network Referrals is in addition to the standard referral bonus. For each registration that is done using your referral code (level 1), you will get 10 PS Game Coins.
Last modified 9mo ago