Getting Started

500% Bonus

Yes, it's true! We have an unbelievable offer for first-time depositors. Currently, you earn a 500% Bonus on your First Deposit.
  • You do not need any promo code to avail this benefit.
  • For example, if you deposit 100 Game Coins, you will get 500 Game Coins as a Bonus, or if you deposit 500 Game Coins, you will get 2500 Game Coins as a Bonus.
  • With Bonus Cash, you can enter any contest at a lower cost as you will pay some part in real cash and some part in bonus cash.
  • The Bonus Percentage will be mentioned for all eligible contests. For example, if a contest mentions a 50% Bonus, it means you can pay 50% of the entry fee using bonus cash and the rest from your wallet, assuming you have a balance in "Amount Added/Earnings."
*T&C - Polysports reserves the right to amend/ suspend special offers at any time at their discretion.