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Casual Games

What are Casual Games?
These are easy-to-master and fun mobile games for everyone. Casual games can have any type of game-play, and fit in any genre.
Can we play Casual games on Polysports for Free?
User has the option to play both Free and paid games on Polysports. You can play the free practice game as much as you want and improve your skills. Paid games are available during tournaments where you can earn Game Coins.
What is the entry fee for Casual Game tournament?
The entry fee for the tournament is as low as 1 Game Coin. This may change at the discretion of Polysports.
How much can I earn playing Casual Game Tournament?
Users can earn up to 100x by topping the leaderboard. Prizes may vary for each tournament.
What is tournament leaderboard?
Each casual game will have a separate tournament which will run for a specific duration. Users who pay the entry fee and play the game during the tournament duration will all be part of the leaderboard. Users will be ranked and receive Game Coins based on the highest score they are able to achieve during the tournament.
How many times can play after paying the entry fee?
You will get a set number of chances after paying the entry fee. You can pay the entry fee and play multiple times during the week to improve your rank.