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How can I win Bitcoin on Polysports?
There are two ways to get Bitcoin on Polysports:
  • First, by simply joining Free Bitcoin Tournaments which go Live from time to time on the App - Playing Fantasy Sports Contest during that period will decide your rank on the Bitcoin leaderboard & apart from your winning amount for contests you have joined, you can also win Bitcoin for FREE as per the Bitcoin leaderboard.
  • Second, by playing Fantasy Sports & Casual Games, you can withdraw your winnings directly into your Bank Account, PS1, Matic, or BTC.
What is the entry fee for Bitcoin Tournament?
  • Entry into the Bitcoin Tournament is absolutely free. To participate in the tournament, ensure to click the 'Join Now' button.
What is the eligibility for Bitcoin Tournament?
  • Contests that are considered for Bitcoin Tournaments are :
Mega - all types of contests, Mini - all types of contests, Micro - all types of contests, Head to Head - only contest with an entry fee above 200 Game Coins.
  • Ensure to join the Bitcoin Tournament by clicking the 'Join Now' button.
Where can I find Bitcoin Tournament on the App?
Go to the “Tournament” section of your Polysports App, then click on "Bitcoin Tournament." You can see all upcoming, live, and completed Bitcoin tournaments here.
How points are calculated on the Bitcoin leaderboard?
  • A cumulative point of contests you have joined during the Bitcoin Tournament period (Between the Start & End date) will decide your rank on the Bitcoin leaderboard.
By joining more contests with multiple teams will increase your chance to win Bitcoin.
Where can I see my Bitcoin (BTC) on the Polysports App?
On your Polysports wallet screen, under Blockchain Wallet you can find 3 types of crypto wallets: PS1, Matic & wBTC (Your BTC amount will reflect under wBTC).
Can I convert my winnings into Bitcoin?
Yes, now you will be able to convert your winnings into BTC within the Polysports app.
How will I convert my winnings into Bitcoin?
When you click on withdraw button on your wallet screen under Game Wallet, you will get 2 options to withdraw your winnings. Those 2 options will be $PS1 and BTC. You can select BTC and convert your winnings into Bitcoin.