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Referral, Bonus & Winnings

What is the bonus on first deposit?
Currently, we offer a 500% Bonus on your first deposit.
I have a Referral / Invite code, how do I register?
a) Click on the link you received with the code and download the Polysports App.
b) Once you open the app, you’ll see the Signup Screen and the option 'Referral Code'. Your referral code will automatically be updated. Use ‘Gmail’, ‘phone number’, or ‘email id’, enter a password of your choice, and click on 'Sign up'.
How much is the Welcome Bonus?
Welcome Bonus is 50 PS Game Coins (~=0.625 USD or ~=50 INR)
How much is the Referral Bonus?
For each registration that is done using your referral code, you will get 10 Game Coins
How can I use my Bonus?
The Bonus Percentage will be mentioned for all eligible contests. For example, if a contest mentions a 40% Bonus, it means you can pay 40% of the entry fee using bonus cash and the rest from your wallet, assuming you have a balance in "Amount Added/Earnings."
Where can I see my winning?
Winnings will be reflected in the wallet section under the heading 'Earnings'
Where do I see my ranking and winning?
a) Under the Contest section select the appropriate sport. b) Go to the Completed section and select the match for which you wish to see the result c) You will be able to see your Rank and corresponding winning amount there if applicable
Can I withdraw deposited amount or bonus amount?
No, only 'Earnings' i.e. winning amount can be withdrawn