Getting Started


Polysports is a Blockchain-powered Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform with a variety of unique features and benefits. The platform is powered by the No. 1 Sports Cryptocurrency $PS1 will be used for all transactions. Users can build their teams, compete to earn, play casual games, and trade sports assets in the NFT marketplace (upcoming). The Defi features on Polysports allow users to earn by participating in activities like staking and mining.

What are the types of games on Polysports?
Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Casual Games
What is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?
DFS is the shorter form of the traditional season-long Fantasy Sports. Here you create your team and compete with other users for a particular game. You as a manager put together a virtual team of real sports players and join ongoing and or upcoming leagues before the game deadline. Your team earns points based on real life statistics that are converted into fantasy points. The better your player performs in real life, the higher your fantasy points.
Can I play DFS on mobile phone?
Polysports DFS is available as a Mobile App on Android and iOS platforms
What are Casual Games?
These are easy-to-master and fun mobile games for everyone. Casual games can have any type of game-play, and fit in any genre.
Can I change my Email ID?
No, once you have registered, you cannot change your email id. However, as part of an enhancement feature, we would add the option where users will be allowed to change their email Id only once.
How do I change my password?
Left corner on Home Screen, click on the profile icon, click again to go to edit profile.
Are transactions on Polysports secure?
All transactions are recorded in the blockchain. Contest fees are secured in Smart contracts ensuring secure transactions. User information like email IDs and passwords are encrypted for safety and privacy.
Can I change my Team Name?
Your Team name is your identity and it cannot be changed
How do I contact Polysports?
Go to "More" in the Polysports app and click on "Support." Choose your issue type, describe your issue in detail, and then click on "Send." You can also reach us via email at [email protected]